Wednesday, December 31, 2008


We wish everybody a big "HAPPY NEW YEAR" and may all of you have a healthy and prosperous time. May GOD watch over all of us . Help us all to give thanks for all of our many blessings and privileges given to us.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Up date to our doings.

Dec. 24th we left Leoti about 9:3o and drove to Emporia to Joann's with a stop at WalMarts at Great Bend. The stop was a big mistake as it was mob packed and the two items we were looking for were not to be found. Arrived at Joann & Dick's about 3;30. Also there to visit with were Kim andGreg and Carrie and Drew and their two friendly Labs, Mollie & Annie and Jo's Lab, Abby. We had good stew for supper and then went to a meaningful candle light service at their church. Their preacher remembered us from seeing us before. Christmas day we had a Wiles family dinner hosted by Jennifer and Jerry at their house at Hutchinson that Lois and Earl had not seen before. A great dinner and they have a very nice house.
Earl and Lois were introduced to a Wii that was quite a thing. Lois bowled 190 on her first try which was quite good as Earl never got that high. Lois is very good at everything she does. Carrie and Drew have a Wii and Jerry and Jennifer also had one at their house.
We went back to Emporia for the night and left there Friday for our home. We stopped at McPherson and found Margie and Les Hargadine home. We had never seen there new house and it is a very nice house. They took us to lunch and then we had a very windy drive on home with the Good Lord watching over us we made it home safely. Our Love to all from Earl & Lois