Sunday, November 13, 2011

Update Go-around

Hi everybody. Lois's hip is doing fine and she is back to running the household again, such as it is. She is doing the cooking and Earl is complaining about getting fatter again.
We have been having some rain this fall but the rowcrop harvest is finished and the wheat is up to a good start except for the Lane county farming and the rains did not help there.
For you people that do not take the Leoti Standard, The 75 years ago column had this paragraph in it. Enterprise school had only 3 absences during the two months past. Those who had perfect spelling lessons for both monthes were, Zelda Smith, Lesta Rishel, Alta Mae Wood and Earl Wiles. The pupils who received 100 in arithmetic for the month of October were, Earl Wiles, Alta Mae Wood, Vera Wood and Lee Harden. Earl was very proud to see that news item. He would have been in the 8th grade at that time.
Our Great Granddaughter Paige got 3rd in Cross Country at State. We are very proud of her.
Love to all. Earl & Lois