Sunday, June 28, 2009

Time to report again.

Time to crash the blog again to let all know my ankle is doing good and am walking good with the boot cast on and it is'nt that uncomfortable to wear except maybe a little warm on the 100 degree days.
A big hurrah that I got to run the tractor a couple of days working summer-fallow and run the grain cart tractor Saturday afternoon for awhile. Feels great to get to help again.
Wheat harvest is going good so far and hope to get a good week in without any rain and definitely no hail this coming week.
I will take Lois to Fry Eye Associates in the morning to get her sagging eyebrows lifted surgically. I guess that means I don't do anything to get her to raise her eyebrows at me. Ho, Ho. We expect it to turn out good. For those that don't know it is at Garden City.
From Earl