Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas 2009

Hi, everybody for a 2009 ending with lots of cold weather and snow flurries staying with us. We left Leoti about 9:15 Thursday the 24th to go to Amarillo to Debbie Jo's house for a Stephenson family Christmas with all of Dave and Charlotte's kids there and April and Josh with their twins and baby Abby for her first Christmas. A great day of fun and togetherness and Dave and Charlotte took us out to show us their country home and their work to make it their retirement place.
We came back to our home Saturday and Larry and Galena arrived about 4 p.m. Dick and Joann got here about 9 p.m. as they had to wait until about 4 p.m. for a county snow plow to open the road so they could get to highway 50. Gwen and family hosted us at their house for a Wiles family gift exchange and evening meal with Ann and Jerry and Jennifer and their family and Larry and Galena and Dick and Joann. Thanks to Gwen and Jason and Paige and Lane for having us at their house. Sunday morning Earl & Lois, Dick & Joann, and Larry and Galena went to Ann's church with her. Sunday afternoon Jason took Earl, Larry, and Dick to Lane County ranch to check cows and put out four bales of feed. Monday morning Larry and Joann and Dick and Earl went to the FSA office and signed farm program papers. Who knows what the fine print said! After lunch we went to the Farm Bureau office for crop insurance sign-up. Then we all went to Ann's at the farm for the afternoon.
Dick put up a new shower head and helped Lois with the computer and worked on a bedroom door in the basement and Larry put up a new indoor-outdoor temperature reader. Thank you, guys. We appreciate all the fixings.
All of our company left Tuesday and got to their homes safely. Larry and Galena had a foot of snow at their place and Dick and Joann got to their home o.k.
Larry and Galena had Christmas with the three girls and their families at Sandy's at Inlow. Hey, Dana I noticed in some of your Facebook entries you used the word sheesh. I thought I was the only one that used that word so maybe you inherited it from this Grandpa. Ha! Ha!
Hope this rambling on Blog doesn't bore somebody to the brink.
We wish everyone a happy New Year and a safe 2010 and our Love to All.