Sunday, April 18, 2010

Another Catch-up Blog

Hi everybody and good evening to all. We were glad to see your blog, Larry and here about some of your plans for the summer and about your weather. Our weather here has been reasonably good except some days of terrible wind. We did get .80 of rain here in Leoti and some parts of the county didn't get much. I think it was a fair rain at the farm as they had .40 in a night rain and then some more the next afternoon but I don't know exactly how much.

We saw a lot of the Wiles family at Marjorie Harmons fumeral. We went to Emporia and Joann and Dick took us to Winfield to the funeral. It was good to see all of Larry's daughters and families. The great-grandkids are sure growing up to be big boys and girls. Ann and Jennifer also made it to the funeral, which was good.

Lois and I went to an auction sale this afternoon and she let me buy a couple of things I didn't need. One was a 2 ft. by 2 1/2 ft. scenery picture of a sod house with a typical old time yard around it with the regulation outhouse and windmill and woodchopping place with the ax showing. We don't know how it was made but the sod house stands out like the sod has been added to the picture that is framed in barnwood. Also we got a pheasant hunting bear that is about 2 feet tall with 2 rooster pheasants that he has bagged and he has on a hunting vest with a cartridge holder that is holding 3 spent shotgun shells and his gun tied to his shoulder and a cap on his head.

We are both doing reasonably well as Lois has to watch carefully what she eats to keep allergies from showing up. Earl has to keep things interesting by having a big lump show up, and the doctors say it is a hernia that is an emergency waiting to happen, so he has an appointment to have surgery to correct it Wednesday morning April 21 and we are hoping it will turn out ok. It is suppose to be a 1 day out patient surgery, but we'll see how that goes. Your prayers would be appreciated. It doesn't hurt as of now, but we'll see how much hurt the surgery causes.

We are waiting patiently (maybe impatiently) for Kim to have her baby boy, Nathanial.

Larry, the pickup I have now with the 5.4 engine has a 6 speed transmission and runs at extremely low RPM, like 1800 at 70 and maybe 1500 at 60 which probably means it doesn't have any torque. The transmission is suppose to be computer controlled for the engine to be at it's best working speed and gas mileage. Driving around town gets terrible gas mileage, but highway mileage can be 18, 19 or 20 some of the time. I have never pulled a fertilized tank or trailer, but suppose that could be terrible gas mileage.

Love to all of you from Earl and Lois