Monday, July 5, 2010

Here we go again!

June 15th was Ann's birthday and we took her to Charlies to supper.
Lois fertilized the lawn and re-painted our name rock and palomino pony.
The museum is restoring an old house in Leoti (built in the 1800's). They had a pot luck supper for a family that had lived in it at one time. The family came from Minnesota or Michigan to celebrate with us.
Father's Day Lois fixed Earl a nice lunch at home which suited him fine. Jason, Gwen and Paige came by. Earl mowed the lawn .
Earl went to Lane County with Jason to check cattle and it was very enjoyable.
Lane came over Wed. evening to visit us awhile. We like for him to come see us.
Earl got to go over the summerfallow while Jason and crew were cutting wheat. It was fun to get to do some farming.
Lane and Jackson came over to visit us one evening. It was very good to have them.
Earl's All School Reunion at Scott City was the 3rd and 4th of July. We got back to Leoti in the evening of the 4th in time to see Leoti's Fire Department Fireworks, which is very good. We always have a ringside seat from our backyard. Jason, Lane and Gwen came over to watch with us. Lane had some 10 ball Roman Candles which he also enjoyed lighting and holding.
Mike and Dana , the John Deere something or other is a corn sheller if Larry hasn't already told you. The ear corn is put in in what is the back part of the picture and the shelled corn goes into a bucket out the bottom of the machine, and the cobs come out the opening that you see in the front of the picture. I can't see any handle to turn it manually so it might have been belted to an engine to run it. It looks like the tub may have cobs in it.
We got 1.40 of rain last night at the farm and 1.10 here in town. Still have a couple of days of wheat cutting yet. The yield has been good if we could just get the price up where it ought to be.
Love to everybody, Dad and Lois