Monday, March 30, 2009

Old Folks Catchup

Cloudy with real light snow flurries this afternoon that I didn't know was in the forecast but hadn't been paying any attention to the computer or TV weather outlook.
The guy, Jim King, that we hired to put in an escape window in the basement was just here with material and is to come tomorrow to put it in. He said I could dig the hole this afternoon. Ho! Ho! I probably do need the exercise but might be a bit much.
A Kirby vacuum cleaner salesman was just here and put a new belt on and turned the brush rotor so it was down lower that Lois didn't know could be done on hers and did not charge to do it and then she wouldn't let him demonstrate a new one or wouldn't let him shampoo any carpet. See how us old folks have to save when we know how to say no.
I told you wrong about our coming appointments over the phone last night ,Joann. We go to Garden City tomorrow to have Eric Fry check to see if our sagging eyelids are bad enough to get insurance to pay for fixing them. Next Monday, April 6 is when we go to Scott City to have the cardiovascular checkups. April 10 is when I go for preop lab and heart tests for the April 20 surgery possibility on my bad ankle. We will see what each thing brings up.
We hope something brings us some good gentle moisture as the blowing snow didn't do much except in a pile somewhere.
If anybody gets tired reading this palaver just hit the moveon key and find something else.
Our Love to all of you from Earl and Lois.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

I guess Lois published a blog named HOOKER inadvertenly when she was trying to put some pictures on our blog. She came out of the computer room very frustrated after trying for some time.
We have changed family doctors from Scott City to Leoti to Doctor Marie McEntee and have been very busy catching up on checkups as Scott City doctors had not called us in since last May and they had been calling us in every four months. Doctor Marie is doing very good at checking us on everything.
I went to Goodlant to an ENT specialist that comes there from Denver for earwax trouble and sinus problems. He removed a cyst from deep in my right ear and yikes it did hurt when he was using a strong sucking machine of some kind to clean it out. The left ear was o.k. thankfully.
We have more appointments this week and next so lots of fun.
The Denver guy says I can't wear my hearing aid in my right ear until he comes back in May so if you want me to hear you will have to holler louder.
Sure was great to see Larry come driving up his driveway and hear the powerful engine in his T. The video made it very exciting and know he was feeling good about the progress.
Love to all from Earl and Lois

Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday, March 13, 2009

We had Larry put a picture of the Granada on our blog and are amazed at how he got it to turn out.
First we went to Grand Junction for Wes Shumard's funeral and Dorie fixed Lois a birthday cake since it was close to her birthday and close to Gary's birthday.
Lois had a birthday while Larry and Galena were out, Ann baked her a delious birthday cake and Bob and Ann, Jennifer, Aubrey, Luke and Jackson and Gwen, Jason, Paige and Lane all came in and helped her celebrate. We went out to Bob and Ann's for supper on Thursday night and Larry and Galena took us out to Charlie's for a birthday supper on Friday night, so she had a week long celebration.
I had better quit rambling.
We love you, Lois and Earl