Sunday, September 4, 2011

Our catch up news

A lot of you already know that Lois had her left hip joint replaced May 17, 2011. After getting to thin a blood count evened out and thinking things were going good at about 6 weeks it came out of joint. An ambulance trip to Garden City where they gave her lite anathesia and put it back in and sent her home after a night in the hospital and being fitted for a brace to wear which was very uncomfortable. Sometime in July it came out for the second time. Another ambulance ride to Garden City and a stand in doctor put it back in place as the doctor that did the surgery wasn't available. We came home that same afternoon. It came out for number 3 times in less than a week. That time her doctor put it back in for overnight and admitted her to the hospital for surgery the morning of the 24th of August. He put in a different ball and socket with an extra ring on the socket down over the ball more to lock it in place and says it can't come out now. He says it will limit her motion some, which doesn't worry us. We went back for a 10 day checkup. They took the staples out and said everything was doing fine. After the results of a blood test they took they called us after we got home saying it was way too thin and for us to go to the ER room in Leoti and they gave her a shot of Vitamin K and now we are keeping a check on it to try and get it where it belongs.

We want to thank everyone for their prayers and well wishes and to thank Ann, Larry & Galena, Dick & Joann, Charlotte & Dave and Darla for their nice anniversary cards for our 27th year together. Earl has became a pretty good cook through all this and says he has about killed himself off keeping things like Lois always kept it.

Lois does think she is on the mend now and feeling real good, but is not trying to move much in any direction.