Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I guess some of you maybe think we just disappeared as it has been awhile since we bothered you"all with our blog but we are still around.
Lois had eyebrow lifting surgery the last of June and it has turned out very good as you can see all of her eyes flashing when I do something wrong. Do some of you guys know what I mean?
We had our Wiles Rainbow Lake gathering the first of the last week of July with a fish fry to prove what we were doing there. We really missed having Larry and Galena with us due to his detached retina surgery.
Lois and I felt greatly honored to be co-Grand Marshall with another couple at the Wichita County fair parade and getting to ride in a horse drawn chariot.
Dave and Charlotte Stephenson brought the great-granddaughter Sprock twins up to see us and go to the carnival rides.
Next on our agenda was Lois's Larson family reunion at Sharon Springs. All of Lois's brothers and sisters were there except one brother and one sister which were not able. There were about 75 people in all and a real fun time. Earl and Lois led the Sunday morning church service. (agh)
Earl had eyelid surgery Aug. 10 and did have coon eyes for awhile. Had the stitches out Aug. 20 and the black and blue went away.
The price of wheat, corn and milo has gone way down and the cost of production is still high, and I guess that is part of the fun of being farmers.
We had a nice 25th anniversary time and spent part of it in Emporia with Dick and Joann and Dick's mother Ardell visiting and going to church with them, and eating out Sunday evening. Earl took Lois to Garden City to the Golden Corral, that she likes so much, and the tempting buffet makes it easy to eat too much, on the day of our anniversary for noon.
September is here and fall farm work is here with a bang. Bob asked Earl to work some summer-fallow, while he was busy spraying and packing ensilage and the hired man was working on feedlot fence. Earl really appreciated getting to run his tractor.
We sure enjoy hearing from each and everyone of you on your blogs.
Earl and Lois