Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Earl is real busy by starrting out in the morning with nothing to do and only get half of that done and leaving half for the next day. I usually go across the street to the Agri Supply place from 8 to 9 in the morninng and visit with 6 or 8 friends and maybe pick up some local news and go to Hayes Sales & service in the evening and pick up some more news.
We both try to make it to the Fitness Center sometime in the day and go 30 minutes on a Nu-Step machine as they have two of them and we try to make it when someone else is not there.
Lois works at the Thrift Shop maybe a couple times a month and usually brings home some nice clothes or some other valuable loot. She also goes to Strong Woman exercise three times a week.
We try to take in any home team activities with grandkids or great grandkids playing.
We are really thankfull for 2.20" of gentle rain this past weekend and Monday. Sure glad it was rain instead of snow. Enough goofy palaver and hope nobody gets bored reading this.
Love to all. I do joyride around in the Granada occasionally.

Monday, October 13, 2008


Our rain gauge here in town has ninety hundredths in it. We only had a quarter of an inch in it at dark last evening so it rained during the night . I did not get any report from the farm when I called so do not know what it rained out there. We had a terrific wind in the night Saturday night and have not heard if it damaged the row crop. All of you people farther east probably sneer at our amount of rain but ninety hundredths is a big rain for here>!!!
Earl & Lois

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Saturday here at 46 degrees and overcast and time to mow the lawn sometime today. Leoti won their football game at Sublette last night to make them four wins in a row which has not happened for a long time. Paige has a cc at Lakin this morning and hope it goes good for her.
Earl & Lois

Friday, October 10, 2008

Trouble, trouble.

We are having blog trouble and trying this to see if it will go anywhere.

Ford Granada

Here is the picture of the car Earl has been talking about and enjoying.

Lost Blog

We were trying to post some pictures this morning with some help and I wanted to delete the second blog that we had gotten published and some way we seemed to have deleted everything, so we will see if this shows up.