Monday, February 23, 2009

Hi everybody
In case anybody is wondering we are still around and still kicking and complaining be cause we don't get a good rain. Our day today was a 9 oclock dental appointment for Earl at Scott City that took nearly an hour to clean and polish my teeth and almost another hour to fill two small cavities that were near enough to each other to fill at the same time. Lois had it figured out that she needed to shop long enough at Alco's and denny's to make it be lunch time so we ate at wendy's which was fine. Then I didn't have to help with the dishes when we got home. None of you guys ever get roped in to helping do dishes but sometimes it will gain some brownie points. Next we went to the fitness center to do our every other day workout and on our way home from there we stopped at the pharmacy and picked up a bunch of expensive pills. When we got home it was still and nice enough that we turned the underground sprinkler on to water the grass to see if all the heads worked and they did fine except for a back flow valve that was expensivly replaced last fall is leaking again. GRRRR! I guess it could have been worse. Lois is at Bible study tonight so I am letting all of you know we are still here as we hadn't blogged for a month. I guess that shows that we are busy doing nothing.
Our Love to everybody from Earl and Lois.