Monday, February 15, 2010

New Transportation to us

We got a picture posted of the pickup on the blog and then it wouldn't let us write on the same blog so we are posting another blog. We gained 4 years and got down to 15,000 miles. Many people seem to think that the pearl white color is a pretty color, but maybe they just tell us that to make us feel good. To Earl it looks like cream white or off white. To Lois it looks like Pearl White. It has hands free cell phone talking which isn't new to most of you. It would help if we could figure out how to make it work. Ha Ha. It also has a camera picture showing what is behind you when you back up.
We are both feeling OK. The weather is sure cold and windy, however the wind wasn't as bad as it was forecasted to be and we didn't get any snow flurries that were forecasted, and we're thankful for all that.
We had a nice quiet Valentines day. Lois made some heart shaped cookies which we both enjoyed. We also had a red salad in a heart shaped bowl, with red jello with cherry pie filling and cool whip. Paige invited us over for a delicous cheesecake for her birthday in the evening, even though her birthday isn't until Tuesday when she plays basketball that evening at Satanta. She is doing very good at her basketball playing for a freshman.
Love from Dad and Lois

New Transportation

Monday, February 1, 2010

One of Earl's computer Goof-ups.

The blog I published this morning showed O.K. and the next time I looked it was gone and again when I looked later it was there but it still shows 4 weeks ago that it was published and shoulds show 3 or 4 hours ago. Whatever I did wrong would be simple to you whizz's but is a mystery to me. I'll see if this shows up any different.

Fast year already

January just flew by without telling me to hurry up and wait. Hey, Carrie, yes married couples are supposed to share and hope Drew's cold has gone away. Lois had a cold and shared it with me and she was kind of over it so I shared it back to her but we are both kind of O.K. now.
We had about five inches of snow here Friday and got by without any wind and it was a fluffy snow but was sure happy to get by without wind. The north side of our county didn't get as much and the next county north did not get any.
We are busy struggling with paperwork of forms and reports to fill out in triplicate of everything we did in 2009 and some things we didn't do. I can do lots of griping because I really hate paperwork and forms.
Keep us posted of your activities and our Love to all of you.
Dad, Grandpa and Lois.