Sunday, September 5, 2010

Mere Musings!

It is 102 outside this afternoon so a good incentive to stay in with the air conditioner. Therefore, we will bore you people that happen to read this blog with some of our doings.
Back in July we spent a bunch of labor cleaning up after some swallows that had nested on the front porch sensor light. After the babies could fly out they just kept coming back like that was going to be their home. It took a lot of various spray to convince them to go somewhere else, but we finally won out.
Earl had a bunch of skin cancer spots burned off his face and they all turned out fine.
Lane came by and wanted Grandpa to go to a tool sale with him so we took that in, and enjoyed it as a sight seeing time.
We spread grub preventer on part of the lawn that showed activity.
Dick and Joann came and we went to Rainbow Lake and met Larry & Galena there and had a good time with Lois catching the biggest fish, and we had a good fish fry with all we caught. Everybody caught one or more.
Dick & Joann, Greg & Kim and Nathanael, Larry & Galena, Gary, Dorie, Julie and Rita all came out for the fair and all went to the free barbeque. Larry drove his Model T that he had restored in the parade with Earl riding along. It was the truck that Larry's grandpa, Arthur Wiles bought new in 1924, definitely a family heirloom! Great job of restoring by Larry!
Had a good rain saturday night to stop the carnival at 6 O'clock.
The next weekend we went to Grinnell for Bonnie & Bernie's 60th wedding anniversary. (Bonnie was a Fischer cousin.)
Pat Miller died and her funeral was Tues. Aug 10 and Joann came out to go to it with us.
We spent the rest of August with some very hot days. Most of the afternoon time over 100
Sept. 1 was our 26th wedding anniversary. We went to a land sale at Marienthal for a bit in the morning and then on to Garden City to the Golden Corral for dinner and enjoyed the day very much together. Thanks for all the nice cards and good wishes.
Now we are praying for a good rain as the hot winds have taken the moisture out.
Earl has been working some of the summerfallow, much to his delight.
Our love from Grandpa Earl & Grandma Lois