Saturday, November 29, 2008

85th birthday party

Dick and Joann were out for Thanksgiving and then Ann planned an 85th birthday party for Earl while they were out and we all had a very nice time and really enjoyed it. I am sending a picture along of the people that were able to come to the party. We thought you might enjoy sharing it with us.

Back row: Donna Ridder, Arlene Cauthon, Deanna Novak, Pat & Sunny Miller, Dick Gimple

Middle row: Joann Gimple, Earl & Lois Wiles, Bob & Ann Wiles

Front row: Paige, Lane, Gwen & Jason Wells

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Towers Going Up

Joann is trying to teach us how to add pictures on the blog. She's a good teacher but I don't know about me as a student.

Here's a new wind tower going up near Marienthal.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Back Again!

Hi everybody and a big Thank You to each one that thought of me on my special day that took 85 years to make that one come by. Thanks Jennifer for the phone call from a beach on the Hawaiin Island where you were playing as it was quite special to Grandpa.
Thanks to Dorie and Gary and Wes for their card and letter. Wes, I was very fortunate to get Laura Clock's book Cabin And A Clothesline that was given to Kenneth Hooker by Charlott Cholas in August of 2007. I think maybe she was a daughter of Laura Clock but that may be wrong. Kenneth had loaned the book to me and then later to Bob. After Kenneth died I asked Dale Appl, the executor, if I could have the book and he did give it to me. The book has a 2002 copyright. I assume Wes has this book. Kenneth seemed to think there was another book published before this one but he could not put a name to it.
Lois keeps busy going to various meetings and working sometimes at the Thrift Shop and Earl just hangs around here and there doing nothing important as that is about all he is good for. All you young people take care of your bodies and maybe you will not have aches and pains when you get older. I sure hope you don't anyway.
Our love, Earl and Lois

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Our Happenings

We have kept busy today. First, we got up by CST instead of CDST. Earl is too set in his ways to believe in Daylight Savings Time. Then we went to church and they had communion. We came home to one of Lois's fabulous lunches with minute steak covered with mushroom soup gravy and a mandarin orange jello salad and pork and beans and little tomatoes and strawberry shortcake with whipped topping. No wonder Earl can't lose weight.
We went to Alma Campos 80th birthday party at the senior center, next we went to the hospital to visit our next door neighbor. Our church had the service at the long term care center today so we attended that. Now we're at home for a supper sandwich and then we'll go to the fitness center for our exercise time.
We are having nice weather for rowcrop harvest and hope it stays that way for another 10 days. Earl mowed the lawn yesterday for what might be the last time this year.
We had about 40 trick or treaters for Halloween which we enjoyed seeing. Lane was dressed up like a doctor, with his white coat and a tie and a stethacope around his neck and he sure looked professional. Earl tried to get him to listen to his heart but Lane didn't think that was necessary.
Love to all of you.