Sunday, June 13, 2010

Back Again

Hi everybody for some of what we have been doing. May 29 we went to Aunt Dorothy's 90th birthday party in Sharon Springs. June 1 Lois had eyes checked and needed new lenses. Picked up flowers at various cemetaries.
June 3, Lois weed eated and Earl mowed lawn and we packed up to go to New Mexico. Left at 7 A. M. Friday and got to Corrales about 3 pm. Visited and ate supper at the Wayne Scully's home, where the Fischer reunion was. Went up to Rio Rancho to Karen & Ronneys to stay all night (about 20 miles). Visited and had a good time and ate breakfast. It was very nice of them to let us stay there over night! Went back to Scully's in mid-morning and had a catered meal at noon. There were about 35 people there. It was so hot that the planned outside get together was moved in the house for the noon meal. We enjoyed the meal and visiting and much picture taking and homemade ice-cream. We left about 3 pm to go to Rylee's dance recital in which she did very good. We all ate supper together at a restaurant in Corrales and then went with Larry and Galena to their home. We enjoyed seeing all the updates to their home. Very nice.
Sunday we got to drive the old Model T truck that Larry restored to original condition and he did a professional job. Earl really enjoyed getting to drive it.
Monday they took us a guided tour for lots of mountain scenery. And Earl took us all to lunch at Abuqui Restaurant, by a lake of the same name. We ended our drive by seeing where Galena taught before coming to Cuba. Very enjoyable drive.
We left to come home the next morning and let Samantha (GPS) lead us through a scenic route by the Chama area which turned out viewing lots of nice scenery and got home about 6 pm.
Lois got a permanent Wednesday morning, which was why we had to be home by that day. Ann called that evening to let us know she got home from Poland and we appreciated her letting us know.
Thursday Earl got to run the tractor on a bit of summerfallow and he sure liked that. 100 degree weather on Thursday and Friday and then it got cloudy and cool on Saturday for Lane's swim meet at Leoti and everybody got cold, cold, cold.
Love to Everybody, Earl and Lois


Joann said...

You two sure have been busy! :-)

Glad you got to run the tractor for awhile, Daddy. I know you enjoyed doing that.

We love you both and sure enjoy reading what's been happening in your lives!

Mike & Dana said...

You guys are busy!!! Thanks for the update and we're glad you had a good trip.
Keep cool!! We're learning about summer heat in the southeast, it's been mid 90's w/ humidity around 80%. (Mike and I agree the dry heat of 100 degrees or more in Las Cruces is actually hotter)
Love you both!!

Drew and Carrie said...

Thanks for sharing what's happening with you guys! I really like knowing what you guys are up to and how you are doing! Love you and miss you!